Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Take a Break: Celebrating Christmas 1930s Paper Chains

Construction paper, scrap, magazines, or pages from old hymnals, Bibles or a book can make beautiful  paper chains, which are so simple, every kid in kindergarten makes them. However, it’s what you can do with the chains that makes people notice.

Making the chains:
1.    Cut strips the same length and width-8 ½ (the standard length of paper) x 1 inch wide would be good to start with. Use a rotary or paper cutter if making lots of links.
2.    Take one piece of the cut paper, hold the ends of the paper together to form a ring and staple, glue or tape the ends together.
3.    Thread another piece of the cut paper through the ring, bring the ends together and secure as in step 2. Continue until you have a desired length

Projects using paper chains
Tree: Figure out where you want the tree to be-wall, back of a door-and make green chains long enough to go from top to bottom. Link the top of the chains together-they’ll be bunched up and let flow to the bottom. Leave room for a paper trunk (made from brown paper) and maybe even some presents.

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