Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Take a Break: DIY Silly Putty

As a kid I remember spending hours playing with Silly Putty. Decided to make my own since there isn’t any such thing as a “local” toy store near me and wasn’t about to order it on-line.

Directions: To 2 tablespoons cornstarch add 1 ½ tablespoons dish soap. Found it needed more cornstarch. This video is a good one to watch 

Had a lot of fun just molding it my hands-sort of like a stress release ball. Cleaned my computer keyboard with it-gets out all the dirt that’s stuck between keys. I kept it on a piece of paper next to my computer not only to play with it, but to see how long it would last. Turns out it was a fun play toy on and off for a day but did hardened over night. Since I had left a thumb print in the middle of it, I wondered if it could be used as a mold.

Not really as it breaks quite easily. No problem though as it quickly dissolves with water and washes away.

The idea of clay and making molds lead to a really cool way of making molds with what I think of as silicone caulking. There are easy directions at Instructables  but if you prefer a video, this one works pretty well.

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