Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Take a Break: Make it About History this 4th of July

What really did happen to the signers of the Declaration of Independence? There are lots of versions out there, so it’s interesting to read Snopes take to separate fact from fiction. Fascinating article and worth the time to read. 

What part, if any did your town, family or state play in the Revolutionary War? Just as Snopes takes time to find out what the truth is, are the stories accurate?

Make this 4th of July one of exploring local history. Check out the oldest cemeteries in your town. Is a Revolutionary soldier buried there? If so, consider cleaning the headstone,  putting a flag on the grave or take a picture and make sure it’s included on Find a Grave.   

For lots of other 4th of July activities, check out the previous years Take a Breaks, which includes numerous ideas for decorations, foods and activities.

Not interested in today’s activities, try the Take a Break Pinterest Board.

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