Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Take a Break: Make something from Coloring Pages

While very meditative to do, if you like to color you end up with a lot of lovely paper. Wondering what to do with it? Try the following:

• Make a frame from magnetic stripping and “hang” your most recent drawing on the refrigerator door

• Use it as gift wrap and/or make a paper bow

• Print your design on card stock so that once you have finished coloring it, you can easily cut it up into bookmarks, postcards, or note cards. If you use a coloring book, glue the page to card stock and cut as desired. If you want an official looking postcard, download a postcard template

• Print your design onto labels-Avery makes ones that are a full-page size. Once you have finished coloring, peel off the label and adhere to tag or foam board. Coat with Modge Podge and then cut with an Exacta knife These can be turned into earrings, the cover of a book, or other types of jewelry. Use this same technique, peeling and sticking onto a journal.

• Create a plate using a colored mandala and a glass plate. 

 Decoupage an inexpensive piece of furniture with coloring paper. Make Your Mark! has good instructions on how to do this. You can literally color your coffee table while watching TV. 

• Cut and glue onto tile or bamboo for coasters. This is a good tutoriall on making tile coasters that wont yellow. 

• Use as you would colored or scrap booking paper to make greeting cards, gift tags, name tags, ornaments, origami, book marks and other craft projects.

• For tips on coloring as well as projects to make, check out the video Cool Projects from Coloring Book Pages.

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