Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Take a Break: Try Tlingit Inspired Paper Piecing

The Tlingits are an indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Their art style is quite distinctive and includes carvings and totem poles. Recently I came across a paper-piecing project using a whale. Once I tried that I decided to experiment with different shapes and techniques. 

 Using a salmon stencil, I glued scraps of paper left over from the whale project and then cut out the fish. Didn’t like the overlapping paper look, so first edged it in black with a
sharpie and then tried gluing strips of paper.

What if I used a different pattern all together? This is a first pass on a cow –didn’t take the time to glue it down, but you get the idea. 

Start with the whale and then try piecing other shapes and sizes. Free Stencil Gallery has a good selection if you are looking for stencils. 

Not interested in today’s activities, try the Take a Break Pinterest Board. 

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