Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Take a Break: Unplug Yourself & Reboot

Whether it’s your computer, phone or yourself, it all works better if you “unplug,” even for a few minutes, and then “reboot.” So here are 12 ways to do just that. Be sure to “unplug” from electronic devices. If you want to permanently reduce the electronic clutter remove Facebook/Twitter/E-mail/Instagram from your phone

Ways to Unplug & Reboot
• Take a nap

• Make a moving fish and share it with a child 

• Legs Up the Wall Pose: This is wonderfully restorative pose that benefits your heart as well as your soul.

• Go for a walk, hike, or swim

• Practice yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi and/or sit in quiet meditation

• Find a new recipe in one of the cookbooks you have on hand and try it
• Color, paint, draw 

• Journal

• Spend time with a pet

• Watch the sun rise/set

• Have a bonfire

• Read a book

• Go to an aquarium (or a fish store in a pinch) and watch the fish. 

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