Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Take a Break: Play with Fractals

 Fractals are repeated similar or identical patters, which can be found in nature, art, architecture etc. A never-ending pattern, a good example is a tree. First you see the big branches growing out of the trunk. Then you see smaller versions growing out of each big branch. As you keep zooming in, finer and finer branches appear, all the way down to the smallest twigs.  Read more

 Looking at fractals is a great way to relieve stress. Some examples of fractals in nature-ocean waves, snowflakes, flowers, leaves, mountains. Mandalas are an example from the art world as are quilts

• Watch the clouds and notice patterns
• Take a walk in nature
• Visit a garden
• Blow bubbles. Don’t have bubble stuff on hand? Mix 2 cups warm water, 1/3 cup dish soap and ¼ cup corn syrup. No bubble wand? Check out a variety of options at Homemade bubble wands.
• Play with a fractal online (this is mesmerizing) 

Not interested in today’s activity, go to the Take a Break Pinterest and pick out something else.

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