Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 24: Take a Break Halloween Lanterns/Stephen King’s Band

Halloween lanterns can be as simple or as complex as you want them. If you have a pool, pond or some other water feature, blow up a balloon, insert a glow stick, tie off and set it floating. Orange glowing balls floating could give more than one person a scare/stare.

Some other ideas for Halloween lanterns:

• Whether it’s a baby food jar or mason jar, use a little mode podge and glue orange or other color tissue paper, cut into smaller pieces, and paste all over the jar. Let dry and use markers to create ghosts, carved pumpkins or whatever strikes your fancy. Place a tea light candle or even glow lights. Pick up some cheap glow sticks, cut off the ends and dump the contents in, screw on the lid and shake the jar until the sides are coated. Add a little water to it so it will last longer. 

• Paper Halloween Lantern: These are made using black construction paper and colored tissue paper-a lot cheaper than Vellum.

Stephen King is a brilliant writer, but he  scares the hell out of me, so I tend to read his novellas, which I love. Like the genius Edgar Alan Poe, King is a multi dimensional person who has talents in many other areas. So enjoy King as a musician. Check out his band (Rock Bottom Remainders) videos. The band also features Amy Tan (definitely can tell a terrific ghost story), Matt Groening (Tree House of Horrors) and many more.

• The Original Rock Bottom Remainders 

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