Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Take a Break: Make a Halloween Wreath/Music

It’s that time of year where very odd humans appear on the lawns of many homes in Vermont. You have to do something with all those fallen leaves, so they become the stuffing for various clothing items, resulting in odd looking characters on lawns, roof tops, sitting in chairs or guarding the mail box. Since many places don’t have the volume of leaves Vermont offers, make a Halloween wreath for the door.

Start with a wreath form that you can pick up at the Dollar Store or repurpose one you have on hand. The Dollar Store is the perfect place for inexpensive skulls, feathers-particularly black, orange and purple, ribbons and anything else that may give you that spooky edge. Wrap the wreath form in ribbon (strips of yellow, black and purple give you that witches’ sock feel), duct tape or feathers. Start adding various Halloween items and enjoy.

This weekend I went looking for interesting items and found that Wilton makes pieces of skeleton candy mold. Since they were 50% off, for a dollar I now have a way to make lots of bones for my own wreath. At the moment, it’s covered in duct tape, with a group of black flowers, also made from duct tape. Think a few white bones, made from air dried clay, will be the perfect addition.

If the wreath is going to hang in a sunny spot during the day, be sure to add some day glow paint so it glows eerily after dark. Of course, you can always pick up glow sticks and insert them in the wreath after dark. Look around and you can probably find very inexpensive eyeballs and skeleton parts that are designed to be “glow in the dark.”

Nothing sets the scene like music. The stores are loaded with all sorts of Halloween music on CD’s and of course you can download from iTunes. However,  Spooky Soundtrack offers sound effects, music and even scary stories for free. Pandora  offers four stations including Halloween Party, Family Halloween, Spooky Symphonies, and Ghostly Groves. 

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