Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Take a Break: Make Skeletons/Costumes/Jiggly Worms

 It’s once again time to think about Halloween, so, as in years past (see below for links to previous years), the October posts will be dealing with Halloween.

 What’s Halloween without a skeleton? Here is a new approach to making one is out of Q Tips. 

There are several weeks before a costume party or trick or treating. So why worry about it now? No need to as below are a variety of last minute costumes that let you dress pretty close to your normal style, or at least comfortable, but with a twist..

• Nudist on Strike: Wear your regular clothes with a sign that says, “Nudist on Strike.”

 The Second wife/The Other Woman: A blond wig and some flashy bling, along with a name badge that says, “Hello, I’m the 2nd wife,” or “I’m the “other” woman.”

• Tourist: A big hat, Bermuda shorts, flowered shirt, camera and a map. It does require you to look lost most of the night.

Community Chest/State Seal: Make a copy of your state’s seal and pin to your chest. Take your pick, when asked what you are supposed to be-bark like a seal and say , “I’m the state seal” or if you have no seal barking skills,  “the state’s community chest.”

Matchstick: Wear all white with a red stocking cap.

 Miss Matched: Wear a variety of clothes and accessories where nothing matches. Make a sash out of wide ribbon, something like what Miss America wears,  and write “Miss Matched” on it.

Don’t Drink and Dress: Wear similar miss matched attire as noted for Miss Matched-such as different type of plaids which clash terribly (preferably made out of polyester), with a note pinned on your chest or back that says something along the lines of “Warning, drinking and dressing can be dangerous,” or “Don’t Drink and Dress.”

Vampire: Since vampires like to blend in, just slip a pair of vampire teeth in your mouth and when someone talks to you, just smile. Midway through the party, add a few drops of red near your mouth so it looks as if you’ve had a sip or two in the previous hour.

• Vampire Victim: Perfect partner for the vampire. All it requires is a lot of very white makeup so you look quite pale, with two tiny fang marks on your neck. Apply with black eyebrow pencil, or magic marker in a pinch. Make sure they are on the juggler vein.

• Swiss Army Knife. Wear all red and draw the logo and pin it to your chest. Make it believable by having scissors, knife and other items at the ready.

 Party Pooper: Dress as usual with a “Hello I’m the Party Pooper” label for your chest.

• White Lies." Wear all white. Take a packet of post-its and write little white lies- "no, that dress looks good on you!" and "that's okay, I didn't need to sit down!" “I understand.” Stick them all over yourself. As the night wears on, you can let people take their favorite white lie home.

Finally, there are Jiggly worms or Halloween Worms. There are lots of recipes on line for these, but the one that sounds like it will work is from as they let the jello set up a bit before they pour into the straws. Be sure to read the review section (46 and four stars) as they include some very helpful tips.

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