Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Take a Break: Pick a Theme for the New Year

As it’s New Year’s Day, and something like 44% of Americans are making resolutions, instead of making a “to do” list, consider choosing a theme for the coming year. 

Need some ideas? You can consider the following words or phrases below to inspire a theme for you in 2014. For example, the word “simplify” could include everything from organizing your address book, to moving to downsizing your home and/or only worrying about the really important stuff.

• Mindfulness
• Nourish the body
• Nourish the soul
• Enjoyment
• Movement
• Free time
• Simplify
• Starting and finishing
• Friends
• Take risks
• Worry less
• Time with people you enjoy
• Grateful/Gratitude
• Volunteer
• Appreciate the moment
• Cook
• Letting go of grudges
• Be in Nature
• Relax
• Love/Self Love
• Romance
• Best ever
• Acceptance
• Awareness
• Enthusiasm
• Well being
• Soar
• Fearless
• Travel
• Learning new things

Wishing you a happy new year.

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