Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Take a Break: Get ready for Super Bowl XLVIII

Whether your team is in the game, or you have a “dog in the fight,” as my one friends says,  the Super Bowl seems to be an excuse for parties. Too cold for most people to consider “tail gating,” bring the party indoors with lots of fun filled activities.

Super Bowl decorations/Instant Hot Chocolate: Last year’s “take a break.” Note- the hot chocolate recipe is fabulous. 

• Stencils are a fun way to decorate. Small enough they become face paintings. Check out the following:
-       Denver Broncos Snowflake 
-       Broncos stencil  
-       Seahawks stencil 

Food: Chances are you already have favorite recipes that you serve, but just in case, here are some other recipes to try:
• Home made Microwave popcorn-not the nasty stuff that comes in a box. Two recipes to consider: 

Brown Paper Bag Method: Put ¼ cup corn kernels in a brown paper lunch bad. Fold the top over tightly a few times. Tape shut with non-metallic tape (masking tape) if you want. Set on high for 2 minutes or popcorn setting. Listen carefully, since the “do it yourself” burns quicker. When popping slows- 2 seconds between pops- it’s done. Spray with olive oil and sprinkle on cheese, or whatever strikes your fancy.

• Healthy Super Bowl Options: Some good recipes here. Have to admit though, I love it when my friend makes Frank’sRed Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip. She adds celery to her recipe, which is a nice touch. 

• Team Drinks. Depending on your favorite team, consider
-       The Bronco or Orange Crush
-       Seahawks Drinks The Twelfth Man and Shuan Alexander 

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