Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Take a Break: Repurpose toys

With the influx of new toys from the holidays, there are a lot of Lego's and other items that are being discarded or just not being played with. Below are some fun and unique ways to “repurpose” toys:

• Create interesting art works by gluing together a variety of small toys and spray painting a single color. While these can be stand alone items, they can also be the base for a lamp or a frame for a picture or mirror.

• A pick up truck can become a way to display books or with padding makes an interesting pin cushion
•  And there are Lego's. These can be glued to create everything from kitchen counters to earrings. Consider some of the following:
  1. -  Bob Vila 5 Things to Do with Lego's 
  2. -       DIY Lego Jewelry 
  3. -       Advent Calendar (There’s always next year). Really like this one. 
  4. -       Craft Projects Using Lego 

 • Lots of plastic animal figures? Consider some of the following:

  1. -       Cake toppers: “Spear” the animal (many of these toys have small holes in the belly area) and glue on a skewer. If there isn’t a hole, make one using a small drill or try screwing a small bolt into it.  Spray paint.
  2. -       Earrings: Cut the animal in half and glue on earring findings. Since most of these will be hollow, you’ll need to cover the opening so that it can hold the findings.
  3. -       Barnyard Candle holders 
  4. -       Jacket hooks
  5. -       Bowl using plastic monkeys: Also works with toy soldiers 
  6. -       Plant or tooth brush holders.  

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