Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Take a Break: Create a “Color” Wheel

It’s March and rather bleak in Vermont this morning. Snow, snow and more snow. I’m in need of some “eye candy” and colors other than white. Today’s “take a break” is simple but fun:

1. Take a white sheet of paper and draw a large circle.

2. Divide the circle into a pie by drawing a line down the center of the wheel. Draw a second line that crosses the first. Now draw a third line that intersects the first two lines and a forth until you have eight “pieces of the pie.” Depending on size of paper you can as many slices as you'd like. It’s okay to limit it to four slices.

3. Using colored markers, pencils, crayons, strips of a magazine, colored paper or even fabric, start filling in the various sections of the pie.

Ideas for coloring in each section of the pie, consider
• Assign an emotion to each slice and color/design accordingly

• For each season-spring, summer, winter fall-pick two events that you want to represent. For example for spring it might include spring flowers, Easter eggs, while fall could be changing leaves and Thanksgiving. Colors and shapes can easily catch your mood, so need to worry about how well you draw.

• Use patterns found in nature.

• Color a different section 8 different times through out the day that captures your mood at that particular time

• Use segments of different photographs.

• Color a mandala, cut it up in various pieces and glue the segments onto the pie wheel.

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