Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Take a Break: Make Something From Junk Mail

We all get it, so why not turn it into something useful. Here are  a variety of fun ways to re purpose your junk mail:

•  Paper bricks-Useful for fireplaces, wood stoves and fire pits. 

• Gift bag Like these Gift bags  but prefer the technique used in this video  I don’t measure when I make these bags. Instead I fold a piece of paper in half and bring each side to the middle and run a bead of glue down it or use tape. Just make sure you don’t tape it to the front of the bag, otherwise you wont be able to put anything into it. I then use the video directions to finish the bottom.

• Junk Mail Gems: A variety of ideas with good instructions 

•  Security Envelopes have gorgeous patterns and are very unique. Try one of these activities: Notebook   

• Shred it: Run the pieces through a shredder and then use it in place of packing peanuts, kitty litter, or liner for animal cages

• Create collages and cards

•  A Bow: Perfect for the present you wrap in newspaper 

Junk Mail Flowers Video: While she uses punches, making circles of two different sizes will work well. She has suggestions for other ways to craft junk mail. 

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