Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Take a Break: Celebrate What’s Great about the Fall

Vermont has enjoyed a very warm start to fall. However, that ended with a pretty heavy rainstorm over the weekend and now leaves are starting to drop, there is the hue of fall in the mountains and of course temperatures are cooler. For some this is a depressing time as they dread the 20 below zero temps and shoveling snow. However, there are wonderful aspects to each season, so today’s take a break is all about making a list of what you love about the fall and partaking in at least one of those activities.

Here in Vermont, fall is all about apples, cider pressing and attending events that only take place at this time of year-corn mazes, tailgate football parties, church harvest suppers etc.
Fall harvest is wonderful-roasted beets, the first butternut squash dishes of the season, delicious pumpkin everything, candy apples (got to be carmel though), soup glorious soup of every type and persuasion, and hot cider with cinnamon.

Other things to enjoy: campfires are definitely better when it’s actually cool (oh yeah one s’more wont hurt); candy corn is appearing in the stores (just a piece or two will end the craving); first fire in the fireplace and/or wood stove (no other smell quite like it); snuggling on the couch; watching a creepy movie on a wet Sunday afternoon, while tucked in with a favorite drink and couch throw; and hiking in the mountains (no bugs)

So what are your favorites?

Not interested in today’s activity? Check out the Take a Break Pinterest for lots of Take a Break ideas. 

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