Saturday, November 14, 2015

Opting Out of Black Friday-Options 2015

The Halloween decorations are barely put away and the media is a whir about “Black Friday.” It’s only been in recent years that stores are opening Thanksgiving to get a jump on the merchandizing mayhem that ushers in the holiday season. Really, does it make sense to short change the day celebrating what we’re thankful for to wait in long lines in order to trample people purchasing items that aren’t needed, necessary and possibly not affordable? Are the leisurely post Thanksgiving dinner activities of family games, stories etc. being replaced by pouring over circulars and strategizing the “great shop?”

Whether you are affected by a chronic condition or not, skimping on Thanksgiving to spend hours among a zillion people pushing and shoving, who are basically mobile germ factories, is not an idea for healthy living.

To counter balance this insanity, consider the following:
1. Go to bed at your normal hour on Thanksgiving without having looked at circulars or anything else that might temp you.

2. Have a leisurely breakfast and linger over a conversation with family or friend.

3. Participate in the Great Thanksgiving Listen Day: Record an interview with yourself or an elder by using the Story Corp App and/or asking the following questions.
• What childhood was like
• Family traditions and how they started
• Vivid memories of school
• Courtship-how they/you met spouse/partner
• What piece of wisdom or advice they would like to share for future

4. Enjoy nature with a leisurely walk, or participate in a “Trot off” 5Ks that are now so popular the day after Thanksgiving.

5. Try some of these posts for tips on Relaxing

6. Use the KonMari Method for Tidying When Affected by a Chronic Condition  to not only create a healthier space but you may actually find some items that will make terrific holiday presents.

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