Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Take a Break: Celebrate Mom with a DIY “Gift of the Month”

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. So instead of just remembering her on one day of the year, what about once a month for several months up to a full year. Gift of the month clubs are expensive and the same results can be achieved for a lot less money with a “do it your self” approach. Create a personal “gift of the month” for her.

 • If she likes organics, present her with a different product each month that you make.  It can be something as simple as jam butter-to one stick of organic butter softened and whipped, stir in 4 heaping Tablespoons of organic jam. These can be frozen in logs in wax paper or placed in a pretty dish.

• Snack packs that are healthy that you can make, such as granola, popcorn, seasoned nuts, seasonal fruits

• Local wine or beer. Mix it up a bit by using wines only from the state where you live. You’ll be surprised when you go looking for it.

• Socks

• Pet box-toys and treats for the pet she may enjoy more than anyone else

• If they like to make things, consider craft kits. Need ideas, check out the Take a Break Pinterest board.

• For the mom that likes to cook consider interesting and unusual utensils or ingredients. For example-A new spice that she may never have tried before along with a few recipes to try with it.  Paint the handles on set of inexpensive wooden spoons. Use masking tape to mark where you want the paint to end. Leave plenty of space so the painted part doesn’t get exposed to the food. You can paint them all one color or make each one a shade lighter by adding white paint. Continue until your last spoon is all white.

• A year of dates-12 pre planned, pre date activities to enjoy with Mom

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