Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Take a Break: Make a Poppy for Memorial Day

I needed a quick and easy way for a group of students to make a lot of poppies for our town’s Memorial Day activities last year. So this is the design I came up with.

• Stack 5 or 6 layers of red tissue paper
• Draw a circle-I used about a 2-½ inch circle (the inside of a roll of Duct Tape)-and cut.
• Since I had a flower punch of approximately an inch, I made the middle from black construction paper. Cutting out a smaller black circle, which is frayed a bit, will have the same effect.
• Lay the black circle/flower in the center of the red stack of tissue paper circles and punch a hole in the center.
• Stick a brad through.
• Pull the tissue paper up layer by layer to form the flower.

Don’t have brads handy? Not a problem. Top the black flower/circle with a smaller yellow piece of construction, crepe or tissue paper and staple in the center. Best to do a + shape with the staples. Once the layers of paper are each pulled up to form the flower, the staples wont be noticeable.

Use a straight pin to adhere to a shirt.

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