Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Take a Break: Regrow Veggies/Shirley’s Waltz

 While spring is in full swing in many parts of the country, the soil isn’t quite warm enough here in Vermont for planting-it snowed just a few days ago. My hands are itching for soil, so I’ve been experimenting with veggies you can regrow. 

I’ve been doing basil for years. It’s as simple as taking a cutting of basil, which includes some leaves and sticking it in water. When the roots form, plant in soil. Basil need lots of sunlight so it’s a real stretch getting my basil through the winter, but it does work and consequently, I haven’t bought basil in years.

If basil doesn’t interest you, try some of the following:

 Cilantro Similar to basil

For other veggies, try 25 Foods You can Re-GrowYourself from Kitchen Scraps.  Be aware that it may depend on where you live, but I don’t know anyone that has successfully grown an avocado tree that bore fruit. They do have beautiful house plants though.

My husband is a fiddler and is learning this lovely tune-Shirley’s Waltz. Enjoy

Not interested in today’s activities, try the Take a Break Pinterest Board.

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