Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Take a Break: Re Purposing T Shirts

This past week a friend sent me an article to read about how bad most fabrics are for the environment, particularly the microfiber cleaning cloths.  A few days after reading that, I was at a friend’s house and used a tee shirt cloth I made for her two years ago. She said uses it nightly to wash her dishes and its been washed many times. Wow!

So here are some new ways to re purpose old t-shirts

Wash Cloth: There are other directions on line, but my approach is to take a T shirt, mark off how large I want it to be and sew around it and zig zag back in forth to keep the two layers together. I just have a regular sewing machine, but if you had a serger machine you could just go around the edges. Here are several tutorials to check out

• Make a rug: Cut the T shirt into strips (about 1 inch) and start crocheting into a rug. Be sure to use Tees of similar fabric-all cotton, 50/50 blend.

                                         Three ways to re cycle T shirts

This is by far the most interesting way to turn T-shirt into art. Basically it's taking strips of T shirts and sewing them down. The pictures at the left show the process. It appears they are using the type of cloth you'd use for needlepoint. Think a hefty fabric, such as felt would work just as well.Plan on trying this for making Christmas ornaments this year.

Not interested in today’s activity, go to the Take a Break Pinterest and pick out something else.

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