Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Take a Break: Celebrate the Color Red

We didn’t have much of a summer this year in Vermont. A lot of rain, gray and cool days. Wood stoves and heat were turned on for a few days in July to rid homes of the cold and damp. It’s now mid September and “Leaf peeper season” is almost upon us. While beautiful, it makes way for the dreaded “stick season-bare trees and no snow. It’s rather a stark and dreary time. All of this is my rationalization for wanting to savor the warmth of the sun and figure out ways to prepare. Red seemed like the right color to celebrate today.

Below are a number of ways to play with “red.”
• Turn a white flower red. Make colored water by adding red food color to water. Set a white flower inside-Queen Anne’s Lace-and watch it turn red.

• Eat the reddest apple you can fine. Make an apple pie with apple cider in the crust.

Make a red and white paper doll. Could use this on a Christmas tree or a gift tag.

• A donation to the “Red” Cross to help with the damage resulting from Irma and Harvey will not only lift your spirits but will help those in need.

• Go for a walk and take pictures of red things you see. Print out your favorite and frame it. Check your local thrift store for inexpensive frames

• Add a touch of red to your home. A red throw pillow can make your favorite reading chair seem a bit more inviting. Red with a touch of brown or purple will feel warmer than pure red with hints of pink. Orange-tinged reds will make you feel energized, while purple-red shades can make a space feel more intimate and quiet.

 Not interested in today’s activity, go to the Take a Break Pinterest and pick out something else.

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