Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Take a Break: August Holiday Gifts to Start Now-Puzzle Pieces

It’s the first Wednesday in August so time for making some fun items that you can give as holiday gifts come December. Since August is vacation month, it’s nice to have a project to aid in relaxation with the added bonus of some interesting presents for future giving. At the end of this post are past years August Holiday Gifts to Start Now

 Puzzle pieces can be turned into some really fun gifts that people will enjoy receiving. Whether you have a drawer full of puzzle pieces, or you pick up puzzles at the local thrift store or yard sale for a quarter, consider some of these ideas:

Wreath: Cut out the shape of a wreath (using two different sized bowls) from card stock or cardboard.  Glue the puzzle pieces one layer at a time until you have three to four layers. Depending on what you have on hand, you can just use green, white and/or red pieces, spray paint the finished product; use a floral motif puzzle; or another “themed” type of puzzle. A candy cane shape would work well, spraying red and white stripes.

Puzzle Letter: Using a letter stencil, trace the letter on to heavy cardboard, foam core or something that’s strong and sturdy. Cut out and start gluing pieces of the puzzle on to the letter. Can leave as is or spray paint one color. The finished letter can be left as is or mounted onto canvas and framed.  Easy project to do with kids.

Coasters For the friend that loves puzzles, create special coasters and hot pads by gluing puzzle pieces to a piece of cork backing (available at your local craft store in rolls) or a piece of wood. Be sure to coat the coaster top with a number of layers of varnish to keep it water and/or heat proof.

Ornaments & Pins: Picking the same shape puzzle pieces and spraying one color, which will then
be decorated after being attached, can be used to create items for the Christmas tree or to wear as a brooch. Altered puzzle pieces appears to be a big thing in England, so there are lots of ways to bling out a puzzle piece to make a very classy pin. Larger puzzle pieces, such as from a child’s puzzle, are perfect for making name tags and/or gift tags. Putting a hole through a puzzle piece can be done by using a sharp needle or dart.

Wine charms, key rings, earrings: Put a hole through a puzzle piece, insert ring and you can make everything from a wine charm to some interesting earrings. Keep in mind that you’ll need to put layers of Mod Podge or varnish to create a smooth finish and make it durable for use. For a group of friends, link some puzzle pieces together. Place the holes for rings, clasps, necklaces or whatever you choose to use in such a way that the pieces can remain connected when first presented. Decorate as you see fit. Can be a nice way to recognize connections of friends, support groups, special event etc.

Gift Tags: Paint and include the usual "to/from" using Sharpies. Have made some using just acrylic paints and it works fine.

Note that the puzzle piece is used as the logo for Autism Awareness.

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